Comic 5 - A keeper revealed

Sunday, the 2nd of January at 6:15 PM, 2011 in The Transmission
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FFAA Jan 05, 2011 edit delete
wow, this is looking very beautiful! one thing would be that some of the busier pages before are hard to read, maybe you wanna try and post them larger. this is great though, and welcome to comicfury, it's nice to have another pen&ink artist around!
crazyguylink Jan 05, 2011 edit delete
This is really starting to get interesting.
Tommy Phillips Jan 07, 2011 edit delete
KatyaS May 20, 2011 edit delete
Did Raghamin/Ragmahun/Ragamuffin ... oh, hell, I can't remember how to spell his name ... Anyway, did he draw or tattoo those eyes on his skull, or was he starting to grew new eyes which is why Mr. Dead gave him back his eyes? I'm having a bit of trouble keeping track of things - are they clarified? I'm afraid I'm not very good on picking up subtle things and putting them together ...
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