Comic 32 - Who Is This?

Friday, the 8th of April at 7:01 AM, 2011 in A Keeper's Game
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Author Notes:

the.molco Apr 08, 2011 edit delete
Haha, I'm stupid and forgot to raise the transparency of the inks back to 100% before I converted the file. Will fix soon. HAHAHA. It must be Friday=)

[edit] fixed. what a fun day...
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KatyaS May 20, 2011 edit delete
... he's a big ball fan .. or something. I see that the merchant really DOES have a problem with his reflection (look at what it is doing in the last panel there). Seta seems to perfectly normal here ... you would never think she had a huge mouth full of jaggedy teeth, claws on her hands and feet and was black as Kali Ma!
the.molco May 20, 2011 edit delete
Wow! you have a lot of comments/questions KatyaS, and I hope to answer them over the next couple of days. I am thrilled by your enthusiasm! Yes, poor Merchant does have some issues with his reflection=) Keep gets stranger;)
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