Comic 2 - Panic decision...

Monday, the 27th of December at 5:58 AM, 2010 in The Transmission
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the.molco Dec 28, 2010 edit delete
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KatyaS May 20, 2011 edit delete
What is Seta? What is this guy she is with? Why is the "merchant" following them? Who are these mysterious men w/out eyes who think it would be fun to panic? What is number 14 letter "n"? Can I ask some more questions? CAN we get some popcorn? Is popcorn available? Is it good? (I feel like I'm in an episode of "Whose Line is it Anyway" playing the "only questions" game ...)
the.molco Jun 04, 2011 edit delete
hehe! it is a bit of a puzzle. Merchant is his name. or is it? he's a bit dumb jus now, but there is something coming to him in the future that might fix that;)
Ken Cohen Jul 26, 2011 edit delete
Ken Cohen
Very appropriate art style. You also make everything confusing without making everything confusing, something I failed at in my (awful) comic "The Serious".
the.molco Jul 26, 2011 edit delete
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