Comic 13 - On Finders...

Thursday, the 3rd of February at 6:00 PM, 2011 in Shelter
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the.molco Feb 03, 2011 edit delete
This page was pretty fun. Good times...
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Comments: Feb 04, 2011 edit delete
He looks amused. Tell me more about these Christian zapping powers.
KatyaS May 20, 2011 edit delete
I think what Raghamin (or whatever ...) meant was that only Xtians would believe in the power being used by the monk, so it wouldn't affect heathens, pagans and others that don't "believe in" or follow Yahweh and the dogmatic principles of Xtianity. But, yeah ... I wouldn't mind having some Xtian zapping powers myself - I have met one or two that could use a good zap ... :-)
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