Comic 1 - The transmission...

Monday, the 27th of December at 5:42 AM, 2010 in The Transmission
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Author Notes:

the.molco Dec 28, 2010 edit delete
Penciled & Inked by TAH73
Written and Lettered byThe Molco
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KatyaS May 20, 2011 edit delete
You know how to start things off with a bang ... now I won't get any sleep 'cause I'll have to read this. Thanks ... thanks a lot ...

Peter Palmiotti Jun 03, 2011 edit delete
Peter Palmiotti
Very interesting, at last I start my read of your comic...YAY!
the.molco Jun 04, 2011 edit delete
peter and katyas: i am quite anxious to "hear" what you have to say! feel free to PM me or contact me via facebook with your thoughts!
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