Weekly update...
by the.molco

Things are getting tense in the world of Obscurat. Two new pages have been released for your viewing pleasure.

Hope your new years was fun!

The Transmission
by the.molco

Upload of the first chapter in the Obscurat story has begun!

Pages one and two are now available for your perusal, just click the word "First" in the navigation bar above.

Next week, pages three and four will be up and available. Also, I am going to post some biographical info about the characters that live in Obscurat later this week.

Stay tuned!

The Molco

Upcoming and Introductory
by the.molco

Greetings from Obscurat! I am your host, the writer of The Tales of Obscurat. As some of you may know, Obscurat is a city perched at the edge of the realms of Consciousness and Death. It reaches into all Times, possible, factual, and otherwise. The first story, The Transmission, will be posted soon.

Nice to meet you,

The Molco